Midnight Earwig Buffet (Book)

"A dark, floating, surreal gumbo; part Edward Lear, part Dr. Seuss-and who knows what else. You could almost show this to kids-or could you? Buy two-color one in. The Slow Poisoner strikes again!" -Jello Biafra

154 page paperback with abundant illustrations.

Available from Amazon.

Black Velvet Paintings (Original Art)

Creepy creatures and far-out fantasies rendered in the timeless and tasteful medium of black velvet painting. Contact me to hang one in your bathroom! They're cheap!

A Hundred Horrible Sorrows of Ogner Stump (Book)

All the maladies of the modern world, as seen through the eyes of everyman Ogner Stump and his blue, globular companion Slub Glub. From dinner guests to amorous stalkers, all the persnickety problems and horrid happenings of our very existence are catalogued in excruciating, fun-loving detail. The first tenth of Ogner Stump's arduous journey, collected into an oversized paperback by Eraserhead Press. 164 pages, $11; available from Amazon.

Ogner Stump Meets the Green Fairy (Comic)

Sorrows 81 thourgh 94, from Inflation to Prohibition, are rendered in hallucinogenic eye-popping colors. Also includes the fantastical swamp fable of the Eye Hand of the Carolinas, informative instructions on how to cast hexes, and a true tale of tomb trouble.

Full-color booklet of Stump sorrows and strange stories, 28 pages on slick and shiny paper. $4. Available from the author.

Hypno-Hog's Moonshine Monster Jamboree (Book)

Hicks, Hogs, Horror! When Herconium Siliam Slogg woke up in his outhouse, it was just another day on the farm, but then skull-headed frogs fell from the sky, and things started getting a mite strange in the backwoods of Slogg's Holler. Soon the townsfolk are sproutin' extra heads and taking a bite out of their neighbors.... And a two thousand pound hog has opened its third eye, hypnotizing the minds of the Honorable Mayor Phigg and mysterious man of the cloth Reverend Horel Burnbroom, not to mention aspiring country-western singer Churlotta Lovelorn. These three yokels and their monsterized cannibalistic kin will soon be drawn into a web of weirdness that can only result in the end of humanity and a down-home good time!

For adults only (it has naughty bits)!

120 page trade paperback with racy illustrations

Available from Amazon.

Slub Glub in the Weird World of the Weeping Willows (Book)

"A creepy cute, voodoo cartoon set in a world of ghouls, witches, and pink monkeys. Slub Glub (a blue glob-like creature) has awoken to find his world has been flooded by the tears of the Weeping Willows. His quest to help cure the sadness of the willows leads him on an interplanetary adventure that will reveal the secret meaning of the world. Alongside the beautiful weeping Willowmina, he will encounter raccoon bandits, hyena-riding witches, a Baron who controls ghosts, Seamort the giant squid, and finally Lump-Lump, the Omnipotent Master of All Reality disguised as a beach bum. Like a more twisted Jim Henson or a rockabilly Tim Burton, this is a brilliantly surreal tale for children of all ages and a perfect introduction to the weird world of musician/artist/author Andrew Goldfarb."

116 page trade paperback story book with scads of black and white illustrations; available from Amazon.

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